Personal Driver Services

Personal Driver services for the Pretoria, Centurion, Johannesburg & Cape Town areas. Let us help you find the perfect candidate for your family.

Happy Home ABC Driver Services

Let us help you find the perfect Driver to transport your children.

Driving the children around for you

We provide professional and reliable Driver services across Pretoria, Centurion, Johannesburg as well as Cape Town.

All of our candidates are interviewed, screened and evaluated for your peace of mind.

We arrange interviews between suitable candidates and families. This gives your family the opportunity to discuss what is expected of the candidate and to decide on a candidate who you are most comfortable with.

At Happy Home ABC we pride ourselves to ensure absolute peace of mind for parents when it comes to someone else driving their children around. We also pride ourselves in providing professional and affordable services. We are also proud to announce that in case of any emergencies that lead to a driver who cannot fulfil his/her duties, Happy Home will provide a back-up driver, free of charge.

Who are our Drivers?

Our Drivers are professional and responsible individuals who have more than 2 years driving experience, have a valid driver’s licence, own a roadworthy and insured vehicle and have relevant experience.

Our Drivers are selected with the following criteria in mind:

  • Have a strong background of childcare or relevant experience
  • Have a valid driver’s licence
  • Have more than 2 years driving experience
  • Have a roadworthy and insured vehicle
  • Have valid employment references
  • Have a clear background
  • Have experience with different ages of children
  • Have a strong educational background
  • Have childcare or relevant qualifications
  • Have passed the evaluation test
  • Have volunteered for relevant charities

Driving the children around for you

Why choose Happy Home ABC Drivers?

  1. We arrange interviews with suitable candidates
  2. All candidates are personally interviewed, screened and evaluated
  3. All of our drivers have over 2 years driving experience
  4. All of our drivers have roadworthy, safe and insured vehicles
  5. Trial periods and employment contracts can be arranged

Rates & Salary Guidelines

For more information on our fees, please send us an email.

We have a strict criteria and Code of Conduct that our team members commit to and we pride ourselves in matching families with the perfect driver.

We understand that hiring and welcoming a new Driver into your family can be quite stressful, so we try to make the recruitment process as easy and simplistic as possible.

The Recruitment Process in 7 Easy Steps:

All families are required to fill in and complete an application form. This helps us to understand exactly what your family needs and requires. Once your application form has been completed, it can be sent to Applications as well as the proof of payment for the registration fee.

Once your registration fee has been paid and we have selected a few possible candidates for your family, we will send you the profiles of each of these candidates. You will then get an opportunity to read through the profiles and give us an indication as to which candidates you would like to meet with. There is no limit on how many candidates you can meet with and if you are not happy with any of the profiles that we have sent you, then we will send you a new list of profiles.

Once you have decided on the candidates that you would like to interview, we will set up the interviews according to your availability.

After the interview has taken place, we will contact both the au pair/babysitter and family for feedback. It is important that both parties feel comfortable with the arrangement before accepting the placement.

Once the family has decided on a candidate, we contact the candidate to confirm availability and when the employment will start.

Before the employment can commence, the placement fee will need to be paid to confirm the employment. We will then send the family and candidate an employment agreement form to sign. Once both the placement fee and signed employment agreement has been received, the employment can commence. We will also provide an employment contract if necessary.

After the employment has taken place, we will do a follow up to ensure that both parties are still happy and satisfied with the employment.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

In case you need a little more info here are some questions that are frequently asked.

Yes, all drivers are obliged to sign a temporary or permanent contract with their host families.

We request that families pay the agency directly. This helps us keep track of how many hours and kms the driver has completed and because some of our drivers have more than one client.

Happy Home ABC will provide you with a back up driver in case your driver cannot fetch your children due to unseen circumstance- free of charge.


Should you have any queries or questions that fall outside the scope of what has been addressed on our website, please don't hesitate to make contact with us directy.